Thursday, October 7, 2010

QKD Blog Hop

here is my card for the QKD blog hop
Fall is in the air and I dressd these 3 wise cuties in all fall colors! I couldn't wait to use them and I will use them over and over again

I stamped the background paper with their lil phrases "What???" and "What's up??" I diomond glazed their eyes, colord them in colored pencles, and faded the sure to hop along the list and don't forget to leave some love! your next stop is Ibis Arrastia
after your done with the hop check out my projects on my other blog here

The entire hop order is:
Queen Kat Designs:
Shannon Hawkins:
Jenny Johnson:
Whimsical Ink Sorority:
Jessica Griffin:
Vicki Douglas:
Kat Blue:
Jeanie Dickinson:
Dark Ink Sorority:
Charlene Cundy:
Bonnie Rose:
Nina Patena:
Kapree Clark: You're here!
Ibis Arrastia:
Penny Hartley:
Nancy Yankowski
Shaunery Wharton
Terri Sproul:
Lara Bandanas:


  1. very nice!! Love how you "dressed" them. Thanks for playing in the hop.

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  3. I love the card, super cute! Thanks for the referral.

  4. Cool Card! I love those stamps!

  5. great coloring and I love your phrase selection behind them too!

  6. incredible!!! great project!